It told me not to panic...and I didn'
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2004-12-30 22:06:50 (UTC)

Lets get to know me!

Hi I thought you should get to know a bit about me so my
diaries makes a bit of sense. So here are some parts of
my life I will most likely be writing about-

My parents-
My mom works nights and sleeps days and loves to work and
come home and go to work again so I have times when I feel
alone. my father is retired and lives on the other side
of town and has an illness so he will be really nice one
minute and mean the next. I will write an entry about us
so you will understand why I have problems with him.

My animals-
Since I am alone so much my animals are my family and keep
me company. I have four cats and two dogs and I will post
about them as well.

My boyfriend and his family-
My boyfriend is a sweet heart and is one of the main
things in my life that keeps me going. He was with me
through my parents divorce and was the one who erged me to
go to couciling. He is always behind me and so is his
wonderful family. His family has taken me fishing, has
taught me so much, gives me lots of love, and is just a
group of wonderful people.

I go to high school during the day and take chemeketa
classes as well and that can get a bit hecktic. Not to
mention I have other things I do on the side like fish, my
bf, dog classes, and life in general. I do often feel
like my high school is one of those sides in my life, wich
I know it shouldnt be.

Anyways these are simple highlights into my life and I
will probably write entries for all of them. ^_^ I like
to write.


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