Diary of a freakin' idiot!
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2004-12-30 21:33:44 (UTC)

Pet delimma

I have a pet cat named Bubbles. She is soo fluffy and cute
and loves me to death. Always purring around me. My mom
says that I have a talent for animals to get to like me.
That doesn't make me a freak does it?

Anyway, Bubbles is my sisters cat. My middle sister. She is
about two years younger than me. And she neglects the poor
thing! I'm the one who snuggles it. Now wonder it likes me

Anyway, my sister is the prep type. Bleck. My original cat
died two days before my birthday and anniversary. His name
was Kurama. Which means 'kept horse.' I just named him
after my favorite anime guy.

Kurama was loyal to only me. If anyone else tried to pick
him up or pet him, he would try to scratch em'. Sucks he
died though. Luckily, my friend was there to cry with me.
But his death was a mystery. He didn't get run over. I
don't know. But he's buried int he back yard.

My mom helped me bury him and cried too. I got to touch him
one last time. And we made him face the sunflowers so every
year when they bloom, he would see them. I miss him a lot.

July 20, 2003-September 13, 2004
A girls best friend


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