Halloween Town
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2004-12-30 18:20:27 (UTC)


Today my driveway got cleared of snow. So that made me
happy. I was so sick and tired of being snowed in!! I
haven't gone anywhere this whole winter break. Anywho. I
made this journal because I know none of my personal
friends have a journal on this website, and I wanted
something to myself. I don't care if other people read it
because I might need advice sometimes, and you don't know
me and I don't know you. So yeah... I do have accounts on
deviantart, myspace, livejournal, and xanga. Today i'm
going shopping somewhere, not sure if it's just a store or
the mall yet. I really hope it's the mall because I want
to return my Sally Nightmare Before Christmas watch back to
Hot Topic. The Nightmare Before Christmas is my most
favorite movie of all time! But I really don't like Sally,
and the watch dosen't even have dots for the 12, 3, 6, and
9. Tonight I'm celebrating both of my cousins birthdays.
We celebrate Sarah's on Brians birthday just because A.
it's easier, and B. her birthday is on Christmas. I'm
leaveing my cousin's house to walk back to my house around
8:00 pm. Because my boyfriend is coming to pick me up and
take me to a New Years Eve Eve party at his church. It
should be fun. The only time I've seen Patrick this whole
winter break was on Christmas Eve for like 10 minuets. His
dad staied in the car on the side of the road, which i
thought was kinda dangerous since i live on the bottom of a
hill and cars just come down zooming. I gave Patrick two
comic books and a shirt that says "Save the enviorment,
Plant a bush back in Texas." He gave me a goldstone
necklace that his dad made. I love it! Anywho! Thats
enough for today.


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