My lil life!
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2004-12-30 17:17:54 (UTC)

Dec30 Big battle wit mom

Dear Diary,

Well got up feeling beta, bed felt so cozy i dint even wana
wake up. rooms looking all nice n neat... :) im proud of it,
da only thing missing is a lava-lamp to complete da whole
bachelor pad feel.. hehe

I decided (against my normal judgment) to follow cari, happy
and sade to a bargain market were folks get cheap cloths and
goods.. iv swore id never go der b4 but my wallet sure
didn’t mind da idea at all so i went fot it.

The place was rili big and sooner or later i lost my company
in da crowd so i was left to shop alone.

I got rili rili rili good bargains in there, i spent a total
of =P=1500 on cloths da would have cost me over =P=4000 in
da regular malls and da quality is more or less da same. :D
u bet for sure im not telling a soul i went to da bargain
market, no way!!!

I got home and had a rili rili huge war of words wit my mom.
this one was as worse or even worst than da one that changed
everything b4. World war III

It all started wen i simlpy asked her were sh's gona spend
new years eve because she had so many invites and she was
making party sweets and food so just ask were sh's spending
her eve. she took offense to it and took it to imply that i
wanted her out or sumtin.. comon just how bizzar does dat

Well she started should and cursing and im not da kind of
person to shut up, those days are gone. i talkd back and
everything exploded.

We kept on adding fuel to fire by each word we said. she
finally met her match i tell ya.. i honestly dont enjoy
fightin with my mom or seeing her like that, but i juz have
to do it. It has to be done and im da only one hu has da

My mom is a terror. Dads scared of her, my bro n sis, all
our reletive and even her own folks.. she feels juz becos
she has money she can treat everyone lyk shit.

Yeah she has money and rich but her kids are starving poor..
i dunno wat kinda of training she's givin. sh's juz sooooo
stingy and selfish!!!

She can easily make ppl happy but she tinks only bout
hersef. her world revoles around her.. I HATE HER. i rili
can w8 to get away from her. I HATE HER.

During da fight we said a whole lots of things we'd both
probably regret later on.. but whats done is done.. and my
actions today has only made sure that wen i finish skl, i
should/would not give to any offering of help from my folks
cuz dey would wana keep me.

I should make it sink into my head dat in am on my own. and
the only one to watch out for me is me.. me me me.. and no
one else... no matter how i end up, take nutin from dem!!!

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