i x keys

screw lifee
2004-12-30 16:14:09 (UTC)


hmm okay last nite i slept @ kellys house an i had to like
fight my mom to take me over there..we chilled i
guess..and we like stalked the elm st girls..seriously
they need to get over them that is just boosting there
ego..and danielle was talking to brendan its like get over
it he doesnt like kelly anymore and he moved onto elm
street friends he doesnt like yuo nd he just uses everyone
and takls shit about all his friends and he thinks hes so
tough and hes not. an thne i finally like wanted to go to
sleeeep but everyone was talking so i couldnt get to sleep
then i had to wake up early and have my mom pick me up and
of course she flipped out on me the second i got in the
car what else is new she is such a bitch and i swear she
hates me and she like puts on a fucking act infront of my
friends..and she is so mean to me by myself im so sick of
putting up iwth her shit it drives me off the fucking
walls..n she gets so mad over stupid shit and now i have
to watch my fucking pyscho brothe an i hate him and my
family is so messed up but my family isnt as bad as others
i mean kellys sister is hoorrrible she like does weed and
was trying to get kelly to do it i mean like if ur going
to fuck up ur life dotn fuck up kellys to cuz she actaully
has alotta stuff goin for her..ugh fuck off

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