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2004-12-30 10:44:38 (UTC)

Wireless Network Connection Found

My dad took home his work laptop for Christmas. Since I've
wanted a laptop for a while, I was pleased. I'm thinking
about buying one for myself when I get back to Trondheim.
Now I can use his laptop during Christmas and see if I
really want one. But since I moved out we've only got dial-
up ISDN connection at home, so it's not really much use. I
brought some cds with Gilmore Girls episodes home, so
yesterday I was sitting in our livingroom wathcing episode
9 when suddenly a little bubble popped up in the lower
right corner of the screen : "Wireless network connection
It was open, goddamnit! So now I'm sitting in my
livingroom, surfing and downloading on a 5 mbit
connection, totally free of charge!
*laughs out loud*

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