2004-12-30 09:06:17 (UTC)

last Mahjong of 2004

it's nearly 4am of dec. 30th. me, geo, ivy and stanley
have just finished 8 rounds of mahjong. happy to win but sad
to know that the 4 of us probably won't play together again
til 2nd semester of college is over (in 4 months). each
year, we get together for bout 10 times, more or less. and
the older we get, the less and less we play together b/c of
outside plans or just not being at home at the same time b/c
of college. we enjoy something that most other kids do not
have the opportunity to...participating in a fun activity
with other relatives of the same age. sure, ppl have fun
all the time doing random fun things such as clubbing,
sports, group projects (maybe...), arts and crafts, but with
relatives? and of a similar age group? how AMAZING that
each of us lives in a diff house within 2 blocks of each
other. i know i dont take it for granted and if i live to
68, i'll still remember those childhood days 50 years ago
talking, laughing, and playing. we shall meet again in May
2005 at the MJ table where we've stacked so many tiles,
eaten so much food, laughed and argued, and most
importantly, enjoyed each other's company.

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