Cosmic Rain
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2004-12-30 05:42:03 (UTC)

It's not a job!

People have this silly notion they have to do ALL this work
to get my friendship back. What they should realise is they
have it. And never had lost it in the first place. Things
were just a little strained for awhile. And a natural
distance was needed to ease some of that strain. I thought
time had done some of that and settled things a little.
Obviously I was wrong.

The confusing part is seeing this person. Having a great
day and realising things will be ok and talking to them
properly again. And them listing off all the things they'd
like to do again soon. How'd they'd like to do this and
that. Telling this person it would be great to spend that
time again and make plans to and they happily make plans to
and then suddenly they decide "things are going to take
time." and practically ignore you. I know some of the
things I said sounded harsh, but they were things friends
sometimes need to say.

I guess we are back to not talking again. I must be playing
this game all wrong, but I never realised I was in one. My
brain keeps circling around a few thoughts and if they were
to be true I simply wouldn't know what to say.


I'm at a loss. Do they really think there is this HUGE
amount of work they have to do? It's not a job. It's a
friendship and all they simply have to do??

Is be a friend.

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