Miss Thang

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2004-12-30 05:27:56 (UTC)

The joke of the god damn day................

Women suck!!!.. well the good ones do says:
i wasnt meaning right this minute
Women suck!!!.. well the good ones do says:
i was thinking next week sometime
Women suck!!!.. well the good ones do says:
no rush
This after he told me that he couldn't wait to feel my
toungue around his cock and wanted to feel the taste of my
pussy on his toungue????

yeah thats right there is some fucked up shit!!!!! i have
no idea what the hell he is going on with but if he thinks
hes crawling back to me he'll have to think again cause the
shit just ain't happening..... i'll fuck with his head for
now cause it passes the time...... but as for anything else
he is sadly mistaken......

what the fuck is going on??? i have no idea personally i
thought he wouldn't crawl back. i thought he would find
some other sap to go and get a bit off but he came running
back to me???? why???

i have no idea, its either a feast or a famine....... but
once you have the best (that would be Adam boys and girls)
you never back well you'd be stupid to go back. am i that
stupid??? god i can't even beleive that i'm contemplating
this.... i mean i think i have been hanging around eryn too
long i can't play guys...... and i definately can't play
Adam hes too good for that. So i have to make the decision

Do i want to play the field???
Or do i want to have a meaningful relationship with Adam??

god it sucks to me right now!!!!!!!!!!!
i hate don for coming back into my life and i hate myself
for letting him

fuck off