My Aphrodisiac
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2004-12-30 02:03:04 (UTC)

I spoke too soon

Yea, fa' real doh. I spoke too soon. I was sittin' here
the other day thinkin' right. Like, if you talked on the
phone w/ someone for six damn hours and it went the way a
real converstation is supposed to go then you'd of learned
lots about that person and found yourself hella intrigued,
right? WRONG! He talks about himself too much and doesn't
listen enuff. That could be a major problem. He's also
evidently used to dealing w/ some lame ass chicks...I'm
too deep or somethin'. I dunno. Til' I get my mackin' in
perspective the first of the year I'm not talkin' to him.
I gotta free my mind or some shyt. Speaking of the New
Year. I ain't got shyt to do. Ain't that about a...? Yea,
all my homies is 21 so they can go to the club if they
wanna. Me? Oh, I gotta stay my ass at home or think of
some hella creative shyt. Cuz I got ID...the mothafucca is
just expired and has been since 2000. Ha! I buy liquor
with it though. How I could use a glass of wine right
now. Oh, or what about a PHAT ass chronic blunt!? Yep!
That's what I need. Fa' real doh. But I ain't smoked in
two days. Bahfuccin'humbug! Momz need to go back to work
so I can get me a big ass bag of stress and smoke all
day. Ain't shyt else to do. May as well. Oh, I think I
have an idea for my first book. Well, I've thought of
some titles. "Pictorial Fiction"...that will have a
picture of a seemingly happy married couple on the front.
Get looks like they're happy, but it's all made
up. Or "Bitter Bitch Syndrome"...we all know what that'll
be about. A bitter ass bitch. Yep. So, it depends on
when I decide to actually pick up a pen to write or take
my fingers and type and allow my creative juices to flow
onto the screen. Oh! Did I tell you? That nigga Fred had
the mfin' nerve to tell me that I'm not deep! Yea...he
just may have to get the boot. I got a whole lotta more
shyt to trip about other than his ass. So, lemme holler
back. Peace and hairgrease!