Modern Epiphany
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2004-12-30 01:21:23 (UTC)

First Family

Ok, what first? i am 23, divorced yet in a wonderful
relationship now and have a daughter. thats about all the
personal information you will get from me except little
exerpts in my journal enteries. most will be made in the
wee hours of the morning when i'm having trouble
sleeping. you'll find that my entrys will have quotes,
poems, questions and just stuff about things going on in
my life. anyone reading is more than welcomed to leave me
messages or send me anything you think i might find
The first question I leave with is what makes a family? I
ask because my child and I will be moving in with my b/f
soon and that doesn't make us a family, even though he
does treat my daughter better than her own father does...
when in a situation like that does it become a family?

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