Miss Thang

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2004-12-30 00:43:49 (UTC)

meh.......blah blah blah.......... :)

well i'm at work ode to joy, i haven't started my shift yet
and already i want to go home..... Eryn rang me on the
train and told me that the big day out is now sold out on
the gold coast as well and that tickets are going on ebay
for like $450-$500 minimum thats like 500% more than what
we paid for them. so she asking Mama bear if we can seel
ours on ebay and get the money. Which in reality would be
better beacuse we only really want to see like 3 bands....
the rest of the major bands i have already seen and Eryn
doesn't really care whether she sees them or not. So it
looks like we won't be going to the bdo after all. BUT we
will then be able to go and see good charlotte, simple
plan, green day and 28 days. so all in all it will work out
for the best.

Adam gets home tonight. I didn't sleep very well last night
in facct i hardly slept at all. i just laied awake thinking
about everything and trying to figure out what is going on
with me...... needless so say i'm am no further in figuring
out what i'm thinking or feeling. It was really a pointless
task in stressing about things last night because it didn't
really achieve anything.

ho hum bug....... I'm so bored. bored bored bored. Eryn
starts work at 11.30 so hopefully then we can talk about
what went on with ricky..... needless to say he has been
shitlisted to me because he upset Eryn..... which will
probably be a little difficult if me and Adam become
serious seeing that he is Adams house mate but meh.... he
is still shitlisted.

Half an hour into work and i hate it already. Mark starts
at 11.45 i have to talk to him when he gets here and
apologise for my outburst last night. He didn't deserve it
i was just really angry at Jason for everything he has been
doing over the last couple of days and Mark caught the
grunt of my fury......... so i have to apologise to him and
tell him that i'm really sorry and that it wasn't him it
was me......

Man i wish Eryn would hurry the fuck up and get here. I
need some adult stimulating conversation....... man this
jobs blows.
My new years resolutions are :
1) start my diet
2)start exercising
3)register my car
4) get my licence
5) work as hard as i can to have somethign really great
with Adam
6) save for my trip to perth and Eryns birthday present
7) leave all the shit and people from my past exactly where
they belong....the past
8) have the time of my life this year without the stress

I think these things are all acheiveable and i am going to
have them all this year. because for once in my life i have
everything in order in my life so now i am going to make
myself happy... by doing things i've always wanted to do
but have always given up for the sake of someone elses
happiness well no more i'm a girl on a mission and i will
have everything i want and hopefully more.
I have a feeling that the new year is going to be one of
the best years of my life... :)

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