Coldiron Embrace; The inner working'
2004-12-29 22:11:43 (UTC)


As Livejournal became a complete load of Emo-bullshit on
my ass, I've been hunting for a new place to write things
down and this was the first one I came upon.

First off, I have been in an oddly happy mood throughout
this week. The scary thing is, there is no reason for me
to be so happy.

My ex has asked for me to go back out with her. Now three
choices lay ahead of me.

Get back with her?
Stay single?
Or try for Mrs. Bishop?

My god, I wish I had some alcohol, that would help
immensely. I hate decisions, the annoy me.

On a lighter note; I've decided that I am God, due to me
being able to calm even the wildest tempermental bitch who
comes into my house.


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