Martini O'Clock
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2004-12-29 20:12:58 (UTC)

Michelle - Gets a Gift

So for the past few months Michelle has been bellyaching
about how she needs to "relax and enjoy life" and be
more "high frequency" - whatever the $(%)&* Gay Mumble
Jumble that is. She knows that a group of us always get
together Wednesday nights for "Martini O'Clock". We get
together and . . . make Martini's, talk, sometimes we play
guitar and sing old 70's / 80's songs. So every Thursday
morning Michelle asks how was it and gosh she wishes she
had a group who did the same thing.

Uh huh. Like she'd EVER drink a Martini. Last time I went
out with her she ordered a beer - drank a few sips and
remarked how "strong" it was and didn't think she'd be able
to finish all of it. For the rest of the evening she held
on to the mug o beer until it was warmer than piss. WAITER -

So anyway, today a client sends Michelle a gift. A
FANTASTIC gift that is so AWESOME and of which Michelle is

A full sized Martini Shaker with two of the most perfect
Martini glasses made. All of the clients logo on it and,
I've got to be honest, it brought a tear to my eye.

So what are the first words out of Michelle's mouth? "I
don't know if I should DISPLAY it in my office or at home!"
No truer words where said. She loves it so she has
something to DISPLAY! Oh be still my pickled liver!

It's just so wrong, so very wrong. I've got to tell Katie -

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