My So Called Life
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2004-12-29 19:24:36 (UTC)

Too Soon

Well, I guess I spoke too soon. My brother and I just got
done having a yelling argument..wasn't even my fault..he
tells me to get off our dad's comptuer and help him clean
house up because he is having friends over..I pause the
game I was playing to help him, then he tells me to go to
my room...I tell him to make his mind up...go to get back
on computer..he says, "NO! GET OFF! I HAVE TO CLEAN THAT
AREA UP!" doesn't say it in a nice tone....always
yelling...was so much happier when mom and dad were at
work and brother was sleeping...no one was here to YELL
AT ME!!!!!!!!! I am tired of it. I have put up with it
every single day...nothing ever changes in this
house...never has...never will...

Wish, for once, something would change...I am tired of the
screaming and yelling matches that we have in this house
on a DAILY BASIS!!! It gets old after awhile. It will
never stop. I have come to realize that. Guess I will have
to put up with it until I go to college...don't know how
long that will be..I am only in my 2nd year of high
school...still have 2 more years left, then have to find
the college I want to go to, pick it out, fill in an
application, take the tests, wait to see if I get accepted
or not...if I do, I'm going to try to find a dorm on
campus to live in so I don't have to put up with the
yelling matches anymore.......I'll visit every now and
then, but as soon as someone yells at me......going back
to dorm to study or w/e

::sigh:: Just want the screaming and yelling to
stop...never will...I don't know why I even try...nothing
will change.. ::sigh:: Guess I better go before bro barges
in my room and sees me typing this...until later...