lonely guy

lonely guy
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2004-12-29 18:38:48 (UTC)

Being sick sucks :(

Damn im sick. I havent been sick for like 3 fucking years.
I never get sick...hm....yeah this blows. Good thing i only
have to work for 2 hours tonight. Heh. ill prolly get all
the old people sick at the nursing home. :)
Um...My grandpas still in the hospital...which sucks. Ill
prolly go see the guy after work and stay with him till
like 9 or 10 tonight. I was there for about 7 hours last
night. Poor guy.
As soon as jess came over yesterday we started arguing. she
had my car and shit b/c i didnt feel like taking her home
the night before. And i was pissed b/c she didnt get there
till after two and i wanted to goto the hospital. She was
suppose to be there at like 11 or 12. After that, we pretty
much fighted all day. it was cool though b/c most of the
time she was on the 1st floor with her gma and i was on the
4th with my grandpa. I cashed my check yesterday and she
knew that, so as soon as i had it cashed she was wanting to
go all these places and go out to eat and all this other
shit. Yeah...fuck that. She hasnt said anything about going
out to eat or going to the store all week until i got paid.
Jesus fucking christ. GET A JOB GIRL! lol. so...later we
were in my car picking up her mom from work and she was
pissed...like usual...and asked if i even wanted to be with
her. i told her yes....just because im not an asshole. and
then she called me a fucking liar...lol. then she was
pretty much quite. I thought we were going to break up.
See...im going to try to make her break up with me b/c
everytime i do it. i end up going to go and see her. but if
she breaks up with me. then i wont have to worry about
it...i got it all planned out..
Then...we went to her house and she was all "I love you"
and all this other shit. it kinda threw me for a loop. i
think shes bipolar or some shit. Then i came home last
night and seen that kat had called earlier. i called her
back and it turns out my friend anthony had came back to
town. He's in the army or some shit. which sucks that i
couldnt go and see him or anything. then me and kat talked
for like an hour about stupid shit, and it was cool. i
forgot how long we could sit and talk about absolutely
nothing. Then it got kinda serious and shit when i told her
that me and my g/f alomst broke up. She said something and
then she did her little "I dunno" i hate that fucking word.
she says it all the time. She knows what she's going to say
she just doesnt want to say it. But finally i got her to
talk about it. I dont know why she thinks that by her
saying that its going to fuck things up. She always says
that. "Sharief i cant tell you b/c it will fuck things
up" ...weird. She acts like i dont have the same feelings
for her that she does for me. I mean, i understand and get
along with her better than my own fucking g/f. I dont know
why i keep making her tell me shit like i love you and
stuff. I just like hearing it :). b/c one day hopefully
she'll be saying it to me all the time. but...until that
day comes...we've gotta keep our relationship as just
friends. Which sucks, b/c everytime i see her i just want
to tell her how i feel and cuddle with her and kiss her and
shit. oh well...im done for now.