Cotton Alixandre

Habetrot and Scantlie Mab
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2004-12-29 16:32:14 (UTC)

30 Minute Break

Greetings again. My trip back home was a safe one. I'm
back at home and back to working. My boss just told me that
he hired another dishwasher. I don't know if he doubts my
'skills' or what. He said the new hire would begin working
tomorrow and that I was to train him. So, I suppose I'll
wait until tomorrow.

I've been writing a bit during my break, and will soon
return to doing so in a bit. It's all just a bunch rubbish
really, but I find that sometimes it takes writing rubbish
to recognize it.

A woman just walked in. I've never seen her before. Most
people in here are frequent visitors. I could tell you at
least one thing about each of them, be it their name,
profession, or...sexual preference even. I've never seen
her here before though. Interesting. Perhaps I should
describe her to you. It's a tall black woman dressed in a
loud red.

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