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2004-12-29 16:32:02 (UTC)

Not a happy origin

If youv'e ignored my title and came here looking for a
happy story, you might as well stop and find another
diary.My name is Bogie, im about 5'5, brown hair, blue
eyes, and ive been told my most im a small Tom Cruise. This
is my story...

It starts when I was three and living with my dad. He
worked extremly hard and I was told some night he went with
out eating so that I may have something. I have also been
told that he had wraped tape around the bottom of his shoes
to keep them together while I may have some new shoes, this
is at least what im told. This for me were an adventure
every day, I would go to work with dad to build boats every
day and then come home. My dad built those huge house boats
and speed boat and I would often take naps in the cabin
then come home and eat and go to bed. We had lived this way
for a while, that is until my dad could no longer take me
to work with him. I had to go to school and he had been
threatened with his job at work. He sought out day care for
me. Looking out for my intrests and not wanting me to go to
a big day care(possible thoughts of neglect and abuse
flooded his thoughts at night.)he ended up finding one that
was home based and little more homey. In that sense it may
have been a little to homey. My father ended up falling in
love with the house making day care provider. I have to
explain here that this was not at first but maybe a year or
two after I was in attendance.

It turns out that the provider went through a grueling
divorce and sought out advice from my father who had him
self went though a divorce. Having something in comon, they
both talked more and slowly fell deeper. I would often be
there at the providers house waiting so late, for my dad to
pick me up, that I was given my own bed there. At times my
father worked so hard that I would spend the night. Some
where in between being told my father had to work late and
that I should get some rest and my father him self spending
the night in the providers company we eneded up moving in
with the provider. Being to young to understand, im told I
became angry at my dad and often wouldnt talk to him,
thinking that he was trying to replace mom. Turns out he
wasnt and she drove to see me and take me to her house,
every other week end.

To explain: the provider, is named Karen. I wont give her
full name due to intrenetand so on... But this person will
play a major roll in my future and how I will react to
diffrent situations. I spend my life from age four untill
seventeen witch I am now in her close supervision. Now I
can see that your starting to think that this isnt a such a
bad story and infact that it just ended happyly right?
Wrong! This was the start of my troubles. If this had never
happend I can garentee that I would be some much happyier.

How many want to read my next entry?


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