When RheaSunshine Speaks
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2004-12-29 15:28:06 (UTC)

Happy Kwaanza

Honestly, I am not going to write anything about Kwaanza
in this diary entry. I just figured that since I
recognize the holiday, I should be sure to say something
about it. I am tryin to write what is on my mind in these
journal entries, so today I am writing on the desire
within me to kick it with my friends. I have very few
close friends and a wonderful boyfriend. However, I don't
see any of them and my ability to be alright by myself is
no longer in existence since I fell in love. Now all I
want is for my family to be here in Tennesse with me so
that I can do the things I know that God created me to do,
be a wife and a mother.

I look forward to being a mother
It makes me happy to think
Of the days when I will be a wife
Cooking dinner for the family
Before I leave to perform some poetry
Around the city
Or leaving tupperware containers with
Left overs for them to eat
While I am away for a feature
Exercising my maternal instincts
My mind and body
Are willing and able to assume
My duties
And well capable of being happy with
Family, poetry, and the LORD
Focusing on what is important
My teaching desires are bursting
Out of me and onto the scene of
My present lifestyle!
I am not scared
But rather prepared for the life
I am about to take on
Call it to me like dogs
Beckon their closeness like a lover
Spending my essence with my family
Is what is going to make me happy.