2004-12-29 08:22:33 (UTC)

Just being weird

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me these days.
One minute I'll be in a good mood and the next I'll be the
bitchiest person on earth. What is wrong with me? I hate
myself these days. It's like this big circle i'm going
through. I hate myself for being bitchy but i'm bitchy
because i hate myself. UGH! Will it ever end? And the
worst part of all is that i'm taking all of this out on
Sean. I hate it! Its killing me! I just want to be normal.
No guys, this is not my period. I'm not stupid. My biggest
guess is well, i was on Prozac for about 2 months (don't
ask!) and then i just stopped taking them and i think it
messed with me a little bit, i don't know. Sean thinks its
because i'm not happy with him. But he's the only thing
that makes me happy. When i'm not with him i'm miserable.
And when we get into arguments, i'm glad its HIM i'm
having arguments with and not my mom or someone. Cuz we
don't scream and yell at eachother. We calmly talk things
through. Thats what i love about us. (Yes, we had an
argument tonight. Thats why i need to just let this all
out of me.) So yeah, but we're still good. We are
excellent. i'm still convinced we are the most perfect
couple in the world! nothing can convince me that we're