The Get Away Place
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2004-12-29 04:47:20 (UTC)

Hey Welcome All

I Guess in this first issue I will tell you alittle about
me and then give a list of all the people who might hear me
talking about in later entries.
ME- my name is Brandy. I am 21 years old and I live alone,
down the road from my grandmother and my mother along with
my 2 brothers. I am Poor and have no job. I live in a 3
beadroom 2 bath trailer that needs floor work and roofing
in one little spot. I have the worst of luck, mainly when
it comes to relationships. And you will find out more when
you read the diary.
GRANDMA- She is 70 years old and her birthday is tomorrow.
She is the best sometimes. She puts up with alot of shit.
She has her mood swings to and I get really pissed but i
love her anyways.
MOM- Oh Boy!!! She and I don't get along. We do every once
in a while. I hate her boyfriend. She is living with my
grandma because her lights were cut off at her trailer.She
is 40!
LEE- Also known as the "Bank OF Lee" He is my 14 year old
brother. He also lives with my grandma. He has his own
room, a laptop computer, x box, dreamcast, and everything
that i always wanted as a child. Hell even now. He works
for his preacher. He is really snobby about his stuff. No
one touches his computer or goes in his room.
CHRIS- This is my 12 year old brother. He has ADHD and he
is really hyper. I think that he needs to she a couns.
because he holds a lot in.
JOHN- I have dated him on and off for 6 years!!! He broke -
up with me on Christmas Day. We lived together. I love Him
and always will.
JEANNA- is John's sister. She has 4 kids, Jr.,
shelby,brianna, and aldon. We have been through alot.
BRANDON- This is Jeanna's boyfriend and also the father of
Brianna and aldon. He is also the guy that I have been
sleeping with for almost a year now.
KYLA- She is my best friend in the whole world. We have
been through so much shit together. We love to party
together and have a blast doing it.
RONNIE- Kyla's boyfriend, also a very good friend of mine.
He is a blast to hang out with. He doesn't always know all
the shit that me and kyla do but...
BRADLEY- Brad is a friend of mine. He is really cool to
hang out with and party with. We had Sex the other day.
ANGELA- She is friend that has 2 kids. We hang out alot she
drinks but nothing else. she is really cool.
GOOBIE- He is like my brother or something. He is 17 and we
hang out all the time. He stays the night with me all the
time. We do nothing sexual some people say that he is gay
but i don't know. i can talk to him about anything.
DONLD WAYNE- he is my mothers boyfriend and we hate each
other. I hate Him.
DONNA- She is my aunt. I hate her. We lived together but i
kicked her out. We use to party good together but then she
turned out to be this suicidal i need attention bitch who
took sleeping pills and staied shut up all day.
I think that includes just about everyone if i think of
anyone else i will tell you along the way. I hope that you
read more into my diary. I plan to try to write everyday
but shit happens sometimes.

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