2004-12-29 03:41:29 (UTC)

Basics for Tuesday, December 28, 2004

** Laundry
** Household chores

DINNER: More leftovers (aren't we finished with those yet??)

IN JOHN'S LUNCH BOX: Christmas cookies, a banana, a
tangerine and a thermos of coffee. He said he had enough of
everything else.

QUILTING: Snowbound blocks

GRATEFUL FOR: Am afternoon nap

READING: Gone Fishin' by Walter Mosley

WEATHER: Same-o, same-o. Highs in the mid 40's, lows in
the mid 30's.

SCHEDULE FOR TOMORROW: Trips into Albany and Corvallis to do
banking, shopping, dropping off petition at county
courthouse and library.

QUOTE: In the farmhouse, electricity, running water, and
automatic heat are acts of God, no less; yet there are times
when by reason of these very blessings one could easily
miss some of the finest hours of country living, and never
know it.~ Rural Free: A Farmwife's Almanac of Country Living