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2004-12-29 03:21:02 (UTC)

Life with Jenni/My life!!

Ok so I have to sisters and it is really not cool
sometimes. I mean I love them and everything but sometimes
the stuff that goes on in my life makes me want to pull my
hair out. But then other times I really love them and
wounder what I would do without them!
There are other times in my life that get tome me
sometimes. Like I wish I could have more time with my
friends just to hang out or talk or just see them. Like I
have friends that I have not talked to seance the end out
the summer if then. I two people that I spend the most
time with are Kaia my best friend who moved in with me and
my wounderful boy friend Ryan. I love then both so much
but they are not my only friends they are just the only
ones I really see. I mean sometimes I have time to hang
out with outer people then just them like to day I went to
mid-states and got to see Brezzy and Meesa. but that is
not all of the friends then jsut those four people you
know. I guess I just don't know what to do anymore.

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