~My Life Dramas~!!!
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2004-12-29 02:05:46 (UTC)

~Yey I am so happy~!!!

Yea yea yea I know third one today...but hey what can I say
im bored.....I am so happy cause frist Kimmy called me and
we talked for three hours...and then Sam called, but we
only talked for 3 mins. ...... but oh well atleast I got to
talk to him.. he said he would call me again tomorrow...and
yey Heidi's mom has to work therefore we can
talk all day....Yea so today I got up at 10:00 then called
Sam before he left...then I got on the computer and
downloaded (she thinks she needs me, and ass like that)
then I meet this one guy he is 15 from uk yea farway and we
talked all day so thank god for him or I would go
completely insan....then kimmy called we talked for
a fun then ate super then talked to kim for
hours then sam called now this is were I am....well I
havn't herd from Heidi yet...but oh well....ahh I love sam
so much I cant wait to see him..Heidi, kim, and I are gonna
go shopping on saturday...I cant wait well Im so tried so I
think Im gonna talk to kim online then go to chill out in
my I was a bum all day and ill probly be a bum I think Im gonna go c-ya l8ter!!!

~Much Luv~

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