My life as we call it
2004-12-29 01:25:27 (UTC)

Dec 28th 2004

Today was the usual day went into work and it was fine.
Again Ryan assumed I was mad at him in some shape or form.
BUt I wasn't, i just had alot on my mind and i wasn't
talking much, oh fucking well, I can't be the happy cheery
gooofy girl every day sometime I am actually OMG silent.
Anyways so i worked on a few things at work and it was
fine. I then went to burger king and got a chicken whooper
and onion rings. I ate the onion rings, and made the
chicken whooper into a low-carb wrap. It was awesome,
chicken, tomatoes, cheese, and ranch. It was great.
anyways after that i took a nap woke up and played some
games online and then went to the gym and worked out for
50 minutes on a cross trainer, and burned 920 degrees, it
was great. I never thought i would ever do that, then i
got home and realized i am still fat. One day i wil be
where i want I just gotta keep working at it. its funny
some people are born iwth everything, and others are born
to struggle, some make it out and some don't just depends
on how they take their struggles on. Don't get me wrong my
life isn't bad, I have a awesome job, i am almost done
with school, and i have a great supportive family. BUt the
two things that are always on my mind i don't have and i
am extremely over consumed with it. Love and being Skinny.
I can be skinny love well, who knows about that. I am
working on the skinny, its werid one day you have a
awesome day you do well, and then the next your struggling
to motivate yourself. I wanan impress some people. I wanan
show some others that i can do it. I know i am sexy but i
know i will be even more when i am smaller. i wanna show
one person ingeneral that i can do it and he knows who he
is. Actually i would like to show alot of guys but at this
point in my life there is one imparticular that is like
the others, but a newer version of that guy. the jock who
can get who ever he wants, the sexy guy that all girls
want, the guy who knows he can get whoever he wants, and
the one who plays the game as well as it can be played. I
dont know we will see what tomorrow brings, with a new
year starting we shall see what will happen, thanks for
enjoying my so called life.

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