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2004-12-29 01:07:59 (UTC)

i love michael

today isnt looking so good for me. i fell over at work
yesterday and hurt my ankle so im not working today. my
boyfriend is coming to see me though (cause im injured).
i get to stay off my feet all day, its driving me insane.

i dont know whats wrong with me right brain seems
to be running at a million miles an hour but i cant
understand one single thought that arises. i miss
shamous...if michael knew that he'd be all raaah and

i dont like shamous like that anymore. ever since all
that shit happened with sarah i just got over it and then
i found michael...the best thing to ever happen in my
life. he was a blessing.

i went to michaels on monday night/tuesday morning. we
didnt do much...just slept...i was tired from work he was
tired from drinking. he ended up sleeping a fair while
and then his mum came home.

i talked to her for like an hour. she was telling me
stuff asked me if michael had told me he loves me yet anmd
this and that. she told me that if i ever got pregnant to
him he'd never leave me. a because his own father did
that to him and b because he loves me so much.

i love him more than i could ever describe to anyone. i
never thought i could fall in love but yeah, i did.

i miss him when he's not around, i miss not hearing his
voice, smelling his smell, looking at his smile, touching
his skin and kissing his lips. i hate it when i have to
walk out the door and go home. i hate having to say
goodbye and i hate having to wait to see him again. i
hate it when he forgets to call i hate it when he forgets
to say i love you. i love it when he holds me, makes me
feel so good. i love when he says he loves me and i love
when he kisses me. i miss him when i lay in my bed at
night. i roll over expecting to see him there but he
never is, i miss him when i cant see him.

i love him with all of my heart and no one can ever change
that. i love michael!

love always


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