Goodnight, Starlight.

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2004-12-29 00:16:23 (UTC)

December 28th

Well here I am. A month later. Things have gotten slightly
better in some situations, slightly worse in other
situations, and some things have just stayed the same. To
explain, things between paul and i are better i would say.
I feel like i can communicate with him more. We talk more.
Mostly about him commin to canada. He's lookin at sometime
in June. So im hoping he could be hee for the grad dance,
then we could go together. I hope it all works out. Im
praying. he is really special to me. I just hope he knows
that. Greg and I aren't all that great. We hardly talk, and
he's jealous that Paul may come to see me. He either doesnt
trust me, or doesnt trust Paul. he should trust me when i
say he needs to trust paul. I can't really handle Greg
anymore. He is a very jealous boy. I don't know what to do.
Jake and I are the same. We're friends, we fight, we block,
we un-block, were friends, we fight...etc etc. It goes on
forever. This is the way it was meant to be. It just took a
while to figure it out. I cant hate him.
Ive started talking to his girl jessi. Jake and Gregs
friend. shes in fredriction. She likes all the same music
as me. Shes like another me. Or im like another her. But
she went through the same thing with jake. He said a lot of
the same things, and did the same thing to hurt her. Its
amazing what some people are capable of.

Im always thinking of how things would be if paul came to
see me. what would happen, how it would happen, etc. I
always think of me meeting him at the gate in the airport,
us just hugging eachother, not letting go. Then come back
to my place, chill and play guitar together. Then sneak out
and night and go for a nice walk, or sit on top of a hill
all night and watch the stars, and await for the sun to
rise. He's the one i want to share that with. May sound
corny, but its the truth. I can also imagine my fainting.
Haha. But oh well. Time for me to go and watch 24. later

Meowy Belated? Christmas. michelee.mackiee =)

Oh, Thursday may be goin to the joel plaskett show at the
pavilion, then sleepin over kendras, then goin to see billy
talent the next day. Should be exciting.


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