Date With Destiny
2004-12-28 23:39:57 (UTC)

Monday April 5, 2004 - Quit Net

Yes, Day 1 all over again but the past does not equal the
future. I am taking a slightly different approach to this
quit. I am working on my postive mental attitude in all
areas of my life. I am also working on my overall physical
health and watching what I eat and getting daily exercise
during this quit.

Yes, I hear myself and feeling a tad guilty that this is
becoming a serial quit. ENOUGH!! THE PAST DOES NOT EQUAL

Here is something that I posted at the Tony Robbins site
that is a huge part of my overall approach this time.

Day 1, Positive Mental Diet!

Ok, today is Day 1 of my positive mental diet. ( already
posted on Tee Jay`s Thread ) If life is worth living, it is
worth recording and tracking RESULTS!!!!

I am taking the next ten days to develop ABSOLUTE LASER
SHARP FOCUS in a few key areas of my life. I want to work
on developing ABSOLUTE PHYSICAL ABUNDANCE. For me, this
means getting rid, once and for all, the nasty destructive
habit of smoking. I KNOW ALL OF MY WHYS!! Today, I choose
not to destroy my body.

I went to the gym today and completed a half hour on the
elliptical machine, blew off 400 plus calories, walked/ran
a mile on the treadmill, and completed fifteen minutes on
the bike. I plan to do this at least one hour a day FOR THE

I am also working on eating smaller portions of food and
balancing carbohydrates with proteins, and reducing the
level of fat intake. I started this today by eating an
apple for breakfast with one piece of toast.

I will be results oriented at work and TAKE ACTION
immediately to see case management files through to the
end. Doing the things I need to do, IMMEDIATELY, so that I

Taking some massive action today. Does Tony Robbins

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