Date With Destiny
2004-12-28 23:38:31 (UTC)

Wednesday March 23, 2004 - Quit Net

Well, yesterday I smoked. Period. I started thinking about
cigarettes when I got up in the morning and could not shake
that stinky thinking. Then I was in resistence mode. I mean
having to spend mental energy resisting those psychological

I think I should have posted a help message at the Q but
didn`t when it would have counted. Oh well, coulda,
shoulda, woulda stuff.

Today, back on 7 MG of the patch and pledging to myself I
am not going to smoke TODAY no matter what. At least I can
find some consolation in the fact that this Day 1 is not
nearling as hard as the first day one a few months ago. I
am just punishing myself by dragging this quit process.

I need to learn from my mistakes and work on redirecting
that stinky thinking , AS SOON AS IT BEGINS TO TAKE
ROOT!!!!! As SOON as I start to mentally lean towards
giving myself `permission` to cheat or begin feel like im
MISSING cigarettes.

Gene, DAY 1 all over again! :(:(:(:(:(