Date With Destiny
2004-12-28 23:36:57 (UTC)

Wednesday March 17, 04 - Quit Net Post

Morning all,

Today I finished 45 minutes of cardio. A half hour on the
elliptical machine and fifteen minutes on the treadmill
machine. I was feeling a bit tired today but moved through
my workout and got it done!

My immediate goal is to do at least 30 minutes to 45
minutes of cardio each and every morning for the next two
weeks and then move into my weight training program.

Exercise, for me, is having a major positive affect on my
attitude towards my quit. When I take massive physical
action daily, I do not worry about weight gain. I am
helping my body to adjust to my new life as a non smoker
and feeling good about the process.

The past does not equal the future... yep, Tony Robbins is
my inspiration.

Have a great day!

Day 8

End of day note, I was feeling a bit tired today and found
myself thinking about smoking during my lunch hour. What I
did was go home and read a chapter in Allan Carr`s Stop
Smoking book.

I have to remember that when I am tired, the old
brainwashing in me believes that smoking will make it all
better. NOT.

I need to remind myself what it felt like on day one back
in January 04 when I was surviving from minute to minute
dealing with those nasty cravings. I have to remember that
I will not go there again.