Date With Destiny
2004-12-28 23:35:15 (UTC)

Tuesday March 16, 2004 - Quit Net

Good morning all who read this:):) I have decided to focus
on cardio and weight training again now that I am getting
more comfortable with my quit.

Here is what I posted in the weight loss forum!!

Hey gang,

I am just reporting back to this group! I think I will post
my daily intentions regarding exercise and follow up with a
completed post just to keep focused!!

I did one hour of cardio this morning. A half hour on the
elliptical machine, fifteen minutes on the treadmill and
fifteen minutes on the bike.

My goal is to do one hour a day for the next two weeks.
After the two week period, I will go to a schedule of
cardio one day and weight training the alternate days for
one hour.

My current weight is 185 lbs. I am five nine and my optimum
weight should be 180 lbs with some toning. I was creaping
up to a 34 inch waist and feeling uncomfortable after I
started quitting in January 2004. I am into a current quit
of 7 days and counting.

Thanks for all of your support and keep your quit and at
the same time, get fit!!