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2004-12-28 23:04:29 (UTC)

Jumpin High

Last night, 3B spent the night. Sk8rgirl WAS @ her
dad's, not her mom's. Her dad's house is located right
across the street. These 2 freaks r sitn next to me. Make
them GO AWAY!!
Hold on, let me chek my e-mail!
No letter from Soccer. I guess he's ashamed!! School's
still out. I don't wanna go bak!!
Angel/Demon is still rambling! Triple B & me decided to
go ahead & play Life w/ her. But she still hasn't made us
play Candyland.
We've been JUMPING HIGH all day on our new trampoline.
I know I'm too OLD to do stuff like [email protected], being [email protected] I'm in
my teens. My SwEeT tEeNs!!
this is 3B, PhOoL & sk8rgirl are arguing.....will they
ever stop?!?!?
She did it wrong. It's :

i like -------------- - that 1 betta.
Excuse 3B, she thinks she's black! Excuse me, I mean
African American!
Check this out (Triple B's idea):
yOu sTaRe cUz iM dIfFeReNt
(.../) (.../) (.../) (.../)
( *.*) ('.'= ) ('.'= ) ('.'= )
(")_(") (")_("))(")_("))(")_("))
i sTaRe cUz uR aLl tHa sAmE * G2G, 3, PhOoL