Martini O'Clock
2004-12-28 21:30:05 (UTC)

Michelle - The Gay Sales Colleague

Michelle. She's tall, dark (yeah right she doesn't dye
her hair, must be just the different lighting that causes
it to darken every few weeks), and she has the sweetest
voice when speaking to her clients in hushed whispers
(which she does all the time so she can keep her deals a

Today Katie encourages all to go out for lunch together.
Heck, it's a slow time and the phones / emails are dead
anyway. Katie loves the wings at Gators so it's a slam
dunk - I'm in. Michelle agrees but then starts whining
about inviting Cheryl. Cheryl is Katies' boss and one of
hard to talk about anything not related to work. Michelle
feels bad because Cheryl has been on vacation for the past
week and what would she think if the three of us went off
to lunch without her. Talk about a kiss up.

Anyway Michelle goes prancing down the hallway to invite
Cheryl - who of course accepts. Kiss goodbye the perfect
lunch of Wings and Beer. Diet Coke for everyone.

Michelle is all smiles and happy because she "has an
open heart" and didn't want Cheryl to have hurt

The best part of lunch was when Katie asked Michelle if she
was "neat and trim" downstairs and if her "drapes matched
the rug"? Michelle went on for 15 minutes about how her
long slender fingers and lack of body hair gave her an
advantage in the sac.

Tomorrow I'll share what we did to the back of Michelle's
new car as proper payback for forcing us to have lunch with