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2004-12-28 18:43:07 (UTC)

In this diary...

For those of you who know me...

Wait! That's right. None of you know me. It is my hope
against hopes that it will remain this way. I must say, for
a human being, I've been pretty stupid. I have the tendency
to get web diaries which I don't intend for anyone to see.
The problem is, either I have a stalker boyfriend who hears
me mention that I have another diary besides the one
everyone knows I write and then being the computer genius
that he finds my private diary and proceeds to read it.
Creep! My other problem is that I make one then not tell
anyone about it. The only problem that causes is that after
a while I get bored and yes, I do let people I know read
them. Well that's it. No more. I am done letting stalkers
find my weblog, and I'm done with just giving the address
away. I need a private haven, a sanctuary if you will.
I have to have the opportunity to be able to write
about what I want and when I want to. No longer will I have
to censor my feelings or words. I'm warning you now, this
diary will probably not be very pleasant for the faint of
heart to read. Here is a little bit about me. I'm 16 years
old. I'm very unhappy with my body and myself as a person.
That is all that I am going to say for now.
There will be plenty of time to get to know me, should
you continue to come here. My only hope is that in this
diary, I'll really have a chance to be me. Well I'm going
to close this with a poem it is not written by me, but I
really think its sums up my feelings. Enjoy.
My Mask
I have two faces, it is strange but I do.
I wear one for me and I wear one for you.
I wish I could show you the face that's true.
But it is different for me than it is for someone like you.
You wouldn't understand, I wish I could take your hand,
and show you what I am all about, but you would just pout
and say "This isn't you, you're acting like someone
But this is me, you just don't see.
That is why when I'm with you
I just can't be me!

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