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2004-12-28 17:01:06 (UTC)

12.28.04 Missed You

...No, not missed YOU, as in the person reading my diary,
but I instead missed home.
I'm finally well rested, and boy did that come at
quite a price. I dreamt weird last night:
First I had this weird dream where Akilah and I
were walking down the hallway, and we were laughing and
smiling and...being friends. Yeah, I know. Anyway that's
made me 100% realize that it's time we stopped being
enemies, or at least stopped not being friends. I've
recently "reached out", kind of, I think. I mean the thing
is I had sort of forgotten about that whole situation with
how busy my life had become in other areas, and then around
Christmas, I asked myself if I had a reason to be mad at
anyone or if anyone had a reason to be mad at and
of course I thought of that whole situation, and maybe it
was The Christmas spirit, but I realized I'm not mad or
angry or sad about anything in that entire situation
anymore, and that I'm a bigger person than to not be
friends with anyone.
I also dreamt the same thing that happened yesterday
in flashes, but that always happens to me. Is that normal?
I had flashes from the POSSE meeting and of course Danielle
and the car ride home with Amanda and Sherod...and Domo
(?). I didn't see Domo yesterday, but he was there in my
dreams, I guess. I wonder if the basketball team won their
game yesterday....wait.... no I dont. I dont care. And I
may be the only one at H-F who serioiusly could not care
less. (there is now a fan club called the Red Wave...are
you SERIOUS?) But whatev, I guess it build school revenue
or something. What's cool abnout that is that all these
menial H-F related happenings will mean nothing to me in a
few months, when I graduate, and go to California.
Haha the funny thing about that is what I got in the
mail yesterday. Knox College, which was an option to me,
sent me a letter of acceptance, which of course did good
things for my confidence. ahaha but the second part about
that was what else they sent me. They said I have been
selected for a Knox Founders Scholarship worth $19,000 a
year. WHAT?! I googled Knox Founder's Scholarship...and
frankly I dont think it exists. That made no sense to me at
all, though. There is no way with my horrible GPA that I
could qualify for ANY scholarship, let alone one that
awards me that much money a year. It's gonna be hard to
call them and tell them I'm not coming now, after they
essentially told me my education there would be FREE (after
my need based gift package, of course). As of now, I've
gotten into every college I've applied to, and I don't know
why. My grades suck.
I'll play it by ear.

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