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2004-12-28 11:51:35 (UTC)

tribute to Asia

Disaster stroke Asia in the morning of 26 December 2004. A
horrible tectonic earthquake centred in Indian Ocean
shattered many parts of Asia. Its magnitude is 8.9 Richter
Scale! Largest to hit the world since the last 40 years.

The death toll has risen to 25,000 and it will keep on
rising since many people were missing. A large number of
dead appeared to be children. Those children's bodies were
laid side by side... they were so peaceful, sleeping a
very long sleep.

People lost their family members and material belongings.
Women were hysterical as they lost their loved ones. Some
were praying... for the souls to be peaceful by the
Almighty's side and for the people that they left behind.

I wanted to go to Aceh and be a humanitarian worker. I
don't want to be at home now, safe and sound. They are my
brothers and sisters, and I really could feel their
breaking hearts and sufferings.

There are times when I wanted to ask God... why should
this happen to them? They have suffered all the while, why
add to their suffering? I think His ways are not my ways,
I could not understand.

Be strong, my friends... keep on trusting Him and have
faith in human kindness...