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2004-12-28 11:09:27 (UTC)

When it rains it pours.

I was driving to work this morning after picking up sarah
and i said to her "what's up with this rain? it starts, then
stops then just when you think it won't rain, it pours."
i kinda paused and thought -hmm that's a lot like life- and
that saying "when it rains, it pours" is so true. don't you
just feel that it all happens together?

today was a good day at work. only sarah, marty and i
working. we work so well together. i'm dreading having to
work with the other backstabbers again.
i just want to yell "grow the fuck up!"

anyway, just a short one today. going out with my sister
tomorrow which should be ok i guess.

just shits me that when i think life is going my way, it
steers off onto a long crooked dirty road with what seems to
be no end. *sigh*

music: avril - complicated. "life's like this, you fall, and
you crawl, and you break, and you take, what you get, and
you turn it in to, honesty, and promise me i'm never gonna
find you fakin"


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