My Aphrodisiac
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2004-12-28 08:38:25 (UTC)

The hood stay talkin'...

So, this has been a VERY interesting vacation home. I've
heard and seen erybody I NEVER expected to. Mofo's I done
cut off or supressed into the back of my mind. The
rundown? Fonzo, Daniel, Bo, Camille, and Brian. Can you
say, WHOA? Yea, fa' real doh. But I ain't trippin'.
Hell, it is what it is. Nothing! I went out with Eddie
tonite. Who the hell is he? He's my first "boyfriend".
lol...from back in daycamp when we was like 7. How funny,
huh? Yea, I know. Anyways, I seen Daniel tonite when me
and him was comin' from the movies. We made eye contact
and smiled. That was that. He'll call me soon. Mark my
words. Fonzo texted me a good 5 times. Ummm... didn't we
rid you of my life this summer? Then Bo calls me this
morning tryin' to play it cool. Ummm... didn't I dismiss
of you when your baby's mama call my damn phone askin' why
I had been textin' you? And you didn't let her know that
YOU liked me to be your "lunch". Get it...he loved to eat
my pussy. I never even kissed his ass. Weirdo. Daniel, I
could've sworn I was just cursing him out two weeks ago
when he calls out of the blue just as his ass always does
after telling everybody he fucced. Ummm...we know it was
bomb, but must you open your mouth and
tell "everydamnbody"? I mean, really! And Camille and
Brian...tisk tisk. Ain't shyt changed,but the way I feel
about em'. It is what it is...shyt. So, why last night I
called Fred and he didn't pick up. I swore he wasn't
gonna call back. He did and we wound up stayin' on the
phone for six damn hours! Yes, til' 4 my time and 6 his
time. That nigga can talk his ass off. lol...yea, he's
very talkative. That's my boo though. How I miss
cupcakin' w/ his sexy ass. Oh, so...he didn't lose his
virginity til' he was 20. Wow! But that's good though.
I ain't got no nigga hoe. Love rain down on
rain, down on me. Goodnite. Peace and hair grease!

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