The Life of Manders
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2004-12-28 08:11:57 (UTC)

Today 12.27.04

Today I went shopping. I got clothes. I called Jessa (my
bwf) but she was sick and couldnt go, so me and mahew (my
bf) went. Tomorrow I am going to my moms to spend a few
days I am excited and stuff. We are putting highlight in
my hair. Mahew will be bored while I am gone. My dad and
him are going to finish the floor (hopefully). Hmm. Mahew
and my 1 year is comming up in a few weeks. I'm excited.
I'm glad we've been together this long and hope we never
break up. I swear he is perfect (all though he wont admit
it). He thinks IM the perfect one (ha) I have many flaws,
yet no one is perfect. For Christmas I got a lot of stuff.
Money, gift cards, pants, SPONGEBOB comforter, and some
other stuff. I got Mahew a baseball mug set and a
Shinder's gift card and he really liked it. My dad got him
a cd player for his car, and he got some gas station gift
cards. For a while his car wasn't working, but today he
got it to start and he was happy about that, and so was
Kathy (Gena's mom). I didn't go to my uncle bruce's house
on x-mas day. I went over to mahew's grama's. It was fun.
I got gifts, and was surprised. I didn't go to my uncles
because if he wants me to see him he can call me any time
of the year, they never try to see me so I don't care. My
aunty Gail got my betty boop pj's. I love Betty Boop..
Well enough for today.

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