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2004-12-28 08:06:38 (UTC)

Christmas was good

Well guys, i had a nice Christmas this year. Christmas
eve, Sean came over and we exchanged gifts with my family.
He got me a portable heater for my room and i got him his
favorite T.V show, the O.C, on a DVD set (the fist
season.) It was fun. He really liked it. Then on Christmas
day i went over to his house to have dinner with his
family and open more presents and stuff. Hehe, i love his
family. So Christmas was nice. Just as long as i was with
Sean, it was perfect.
So today was fun. Well, besides the whole going to work
thing. Ugh, don't get me started. But i got to see Sean
after work and we hung out and wrestled around and stuff.
Last night i couldn't sleep at all, so i went and wrote in
my other diary and i decided to write as many things about
Sean on why i love him. I ended up writing in 4 pages
front and back. Lol, i showed it to him and we read it
together and we both laughed together and smiled together
and uh, it was magic. I could write more in the diary,
MILLIONS more! but it was like 5 in the morning, lol. So
anyway, wow, we are so comfortable together. I had a runny
nose and he decided to be a little stinker and squeeze my
nose together and make my nose even more runny. So i
decided to get him back by whiping my nose all over him.
OMG it was so great! I got boogers all over him!!
WAHAHAHAHA!!!! And all we did was laugh about it. He
grabbed my dog and put his butt on me to get me back,
lmfao! Yep, thats us for ya. The most perfect couple in
the world! lol, well, in my opinion we are. I love our
relationship! I wouldn't change it for the world. yes,
even our arguments are perfect sometimes. They just make
us stronger. And we never worry about breaking up when we
fight because we know it just is not possible. Recently
I've been stressed out about stuff going on at home and
school and its been messing me up. I've been taking it out
on Sean and i feel horrible about it. the other night i
had a nervous break down right in front of him cuz i was
so stressed out. he was there for me the entire time. He
didn't tell me to suck it up or get over it or anything.
He held me in his arms, kissed me and hugged me, and
talked me thru everything. Wow, if i didn't have Sean, i'd
be a mess. I'd be lost and depressed ALL THE TIME and i'd
never have anyone to talk to. You have no idea how
greatful i am to have Sean. He's my hero. And i love him
soooo damn much!!!!!!!!!

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