the cheese drawer
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2004-12-28 06:57:34 (UTC)

yo nubs

Hey what's up people.
Haven't written in a while.
I'll start with my list of presents that I got.
a wah pedal for my bass, two Iron Maiden CD's, two Slayer
CD's, an Iron Maiden t-shirt, a Slayer t-shirt (consistent,
huh?), two new instrument cables for my bass, a set of
strings for my bass, a new pair of jeans, a book, two free
movie tickets, $30 worth of gift certificates for movies
theatres, $215, a studded wristband, and 3 stephen king books.
yep... nice haul. lol

I talked to Melissa on Christmas morning. She gets holiday
depression... I felt bad that I couldn't be there with her
to try to make her feel better. It was uncool because she's
been grounded for the past two weeks. I haven't been able
to see her since the day school got out for winter break.

But my guitarist got a new guitar. A Jackson King-V! And
he took it back today because it rattled on the first 3
frets on the low string. Gay.

Today I hung out with my friend Brenden. His mom was in
town from Indiana and she took us out to dinner. We had
steak and cheesecake. Afterwards we went to Brenden's
house. We hung out there for a while and here I am typing
in this diary. I'm staying the night at his house.

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