Vegas Life
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2004-12-28 06:49:16 (UTC)

Winter Break

Hi everyone!! My name is Anthony. I'm in 9th grade and
live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I am enjoying winter break, even though I haven't done
much. I've had to babysit 3/4 of the time, so there isn't
much time for socializing or things like that.

We go back to school on January 3rd, and I don't know if
I'm ready. I like school and all, but I don't so much miss
getting up every morning. I like this being able to wake
up whenever thing. I take "Mental Health Days" once in a
while, but that doesn't really help. The one good thing
about school is relationships -- friends or boyfriends or
girlfriends. You get to see people and build relationships.

I don't have any plans for New Year's Eve. I usually hang
out with my family on NYE. We play different games like
500 Rummy, Monopoly, to pretty much anything. We always
watch the coverage on TV that they show of the fireworks.

The weather has been nice here, although we are getting
rain pretty much the rest of the week -- YAY!! I
absoultely love the rain....

Anyway, not much else 2 say. I am looking foeward to
getting familiar with this site and meeting new people.
Take Care! ----Anthony