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2004-12-28 06:28:25 (UTC)


At first my day sucked!! i was home by myself ALL DAY
LONG!! My mom was @ work and the only other person who was
there to talk to was my lil sis (let's call her
angel/demon from now on), who is seven. She constantly
talks about her conversations w/ her stuffed animals.
I hav a step-sis(who we will call Sour)who is 4 months
younger than me. BUT she acts like she's 4. Like
Angel/Demon, she holds conversations with HER stuffed
And then there is my step-bro, we'll call him Germ. Germ
is perverted. All he thinks, talks, even breathes, is nasty
(well pretty much).
My ex-bf (Soccer) is datin a SLUT!! He thought I didn't
know it, let's just say a lil birdie told me.

My BFF (best friends forever, DUH!)
#1 (Brunette But Blonde) #2 (Sk8rgirl) #3 my cousin
and last but not least.... #4(I Don't Understand)

Brunette But Blonde is sittn here next 2 me.
- I'M W/ STUPID!! Ha Ha Ha Triple B's lil sis's names-
from now on r Charlina Brown(who is Angel/Demon's bff) &
My pets are SPOT, SPOTTY KAT, and JOEY KIT. Spot is gay,
he likes Joey.
Triple B is goin on about her dog wen the pound took it.
It's like she will NEVER shut-up! JUST JOKING ~ 3B.!
This is my 1st entry, so I'm NEW @ this! C U L8R!

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