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2004-12-28 00:14:26 (UTC)

12.27.04 The Longest Entry

Yo, today is Monday, December 27th, and so much has
happened to Alix Coupet since my last update. I dont know
where to start! No, seriously, I dont know where to start.

I'll start with California, which I am just now getting
back from. Well, I spent a week and a day or so in
California, mainly around the LA area, exploring and
visiting places and such. To say it was an interesting
ordeal, hmm, that would be an understatement. It was, of
course, good to see my aunt and cousins who reside there,
but the overall environment was perhaps eye-opening, as I,
well, used to consider myself fairly liberal, and now I
realize how conservative I just may be.
The weather, jeeze, the weather was awesome. Didnt rain.
I dont think there was a day in which the hight was any
lower than 70 degrees. Shorts. Shirtless Alix. I am, of
course, aware, as any male counterpart is, that there is a
correlation with weather fluctuations and the
attractiveness of the women present and in my eyes: the
hotter the weather, the "hotter" (if used in slang) and the women are, I suppose. I need not
tell you that my eye for spotting the attractive dame has
never been more keen. And yes, the dame I speak of was
spotted several times in several sizes, shapes, skin
colors, and personalities. Your Hero bit of
baggage, or so a femme-seeking bachelor would say. The
family. And not just any family, a rather full
family. "Filled with what?", you may have asked, as any
inquisitive reader would. Uhh, children. If I recall
correctly, (sleep deprivation has, again, greatly affected
my memory) our crew of eight some odd children and 3 or
four adults was constantly mistaken for a group home. Ugh,
the nerve of those left-winged LA fools!


It was annoying, though, for people to assume such
ridiculous things about Your Hero. The Nerve!
There were a few minutes in which I found myself
absoulutley at the brink of my capacity for being
irritated, but there were, inveresely, those close family
moments, the rare ones, that sorta canceled out the
irritating times. I'm blessed to even have a family, let
alone one that cares about me and such.

There's more on California, but in order for me to
finish, I gotta talk a little bit about POSSE.
If you're reading this, then youre probably well
aware of regarding the POSSE
scholarship. The words of True Friend Sherod Haynes
constantly echoed through my ears after "Dap 3", the final
scholarship meeting: "just think of it as if youre only
competing against the black males", he said. Heh, I wish he
hadnt said that, because the black males seemed to be the
cream of the crop, and the ones I was worried most

First black guy was a "funny poet", I guess you could call
him. He recited "original" (sounded EXTRA familiar to me
though) poetry and told jokes, but perhaps tried a bit too
hard to impress the Pomona staff and such. Still smart and
ambitious though, and enough to worry Your Hero.

Second black guy was the flamboyant speaker, Aaron.
Supposedly a nationally renowned debater. He talked quickly
and used lots of trimungous (heh) words, which was a bit of
an insult if you know my passion for English and
vocabulary. He seemed to know his stuff, and though perhaps
his linguistic excessiveness was not a characteristic that
made him stand out as the most brawny, beefcake kinda guy,
he seemed quite intellegent. The kid is darn smart and it
shows...and it was enough to give Your Hero a bit
of competition.

Third black guy was Your Hero.

I and the flamboyant debater are the two black males who
recieved the scholarship.

So yes, that means I'll be goin to Pomona College in
California for college, no tuition fee. A blessing, of

To continue on California, though, I was able to visit
Pomona while I was there. Perhaps not the brightest move,
because I arrived when all the children were on break, so I
couldnt get a tour of the campus. This amounted to me
getting the "self guided tour" ...and walking myself around
campus. No one was there, though...but I dont need to tell
you that the facility is absolutely stunning: ask Rehan.

Quickly back to POSSE stuff. I got to know three other
members of my Pomona Posse pretty well today, as I took the
train with Amanda Wright to meet them downtown. I have many
questions that remain...uh...unanswered. Aaron, Martin,
Alix, and Danielle.
This is incomplete. More to come.