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2004-12-27 23:06:18 (UTC)

stay or go

i dont know what this entry will entail exactly but i
shall write none the less. i received some news
yesterday, im not sure if its good or bad yet. my
boyfriend's mum is moving out, and he needs to find
another person to move in there with him and his older
brother or they will lose the house and he'll have to go
live with his mum and her new man. if he goes and lives
with her, its gonna end in trouble. they hate each other
and with his temper i know its just a bad thing waiting to
happen. i want to move in there with him, i mean i can
afford it and all. but i dont know how to tell my parents
that i want to move out. they'll go skitz, im only 16.
but he needs someone to be there and i want to be there
they should understand that and if they dont they'll have
to start to try. i've got to look into some centrelink
stuff, see if i can get some government aid cause there is
no way im gonna be able to go to school as well as work to
get the rent ill have to pay. i dont know what im going
to do. he needs me and so does my family, i guess it
comes down to who needs me more. i know exactly what my
dad will say, 'if you move out a 16 dont you think you'll
be coming back. once your out your out'. so yes, i need
to see what centrelink can do for me before i make any

love always


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