my entity
2004-12-27 22:54:03 (UTC)

confined in hospital

After having been hit by a cab last Nov 21, 2004; I was
admitted in WCMC because of viral infection and acute
tonsilitis from DEc 9-13. I've got a fever of as high as
40 and I felt so weak and restless.

Tuesday night, we had out Christmas Party in Cell Ministry
subject. Then back to FBC for Friend's Forever pratice.
After that I went to Digs' place to finish all my
requirements. I slept at around 4 am then woke up around 8.

We live there at part 1pm and I went back to JP Laurel for
my ministry. That time I already had my fever but because
I need to go I went.

Im back at home around 4:30 pm and slept all day in heat.
The next day I was chillin but very hot becoz of my fever
and i decided to be confined.

It was quite an experience since it was my first time tobe
admitted and that it was also my first time to have
dextrose. A lot of classmates, schoolmates and friends
visited me :) and fruits were pouring out...yum!

I thank and praise God that I only stayed there for four
days and that my bill, which reached to approx 26K was paid
by my HMO (Medicard) and Phil Health.

That was it!

6:54 am