Just A Girl Who Loved Another Girl
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2004-12-27 18:40:55 (UTC)

My butterfly

She'll always be my butterfly even if she does belong to
someone else. She will always be the "what if" in my life.
It's been a few months since it all fell apart but I still
miss her. I do believe there's a part of me that always
will. But I also know that I have to move on with my life
the same way that she has. I've lived enough to know that
there is life after heartache. Just cause it feels like
I'm dying doesn't mean I will. Life is cruel that way.
I miss the fun we had. We connected on a level that I
didn't know existed or that I was capable of reaching. But
at the same time we never connected. I'm still trying to
make sense of the wurlwind that was that relatonship.

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