2004-12-27 17:16:34 (UTC)

Bits and Pieces

During this last week of 2004, I am trying to gather all the
loose ends and tie them back up again. I need to get the
insurance forms together so that we can get reimbursed for
the prescriptions we didn't buy through the company mail
order program and bring the petition to appeal our property
taxes on our country house to Albany. And then there's
everything else.
Stripes is a cat which belongs to 7 year old Benjamin. Last
August, during the portion of the church service where we
share our joys and concerns, Benjamin asked for prayers for
Stripes who seemed to be "tired all the time". I have yet
to meet a cat who wasn't tired all the time, especially
during the hot summer weather, but we prayed that Stripes
would soon feel better. I remembered this not long ago and
asked about Stripes and was told that he'd recovered quite
nicely and was his normal, playful self again. I'm glad.
The weatherman predicts a very boring week when it comes to
the weather. Highs in the 40's, lows in the 30's, cloudy
and perhaps a shower or two. I like boring when it comes to
weather. I don't want ice, sleet, wind or snow. Give me
boring any day!
Snowbound is the name of the quilt I'm working on now. This
is one of those quilts that I want to make personal to my
family. One of the blocks I'm appliquéing is of four little
boys tobogganing down a hill; they'll represent my four
sons. I've thought about this for a while and I've decided
to add another block, this one of a little girl all dressed
in pink tobogganing down a hill by herself. She'll have
angel wings.

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