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2004-12-27 10:45:44 (UTC)


I just want to scream!
I have such a horrible headache and i can't get a
conversation that i had with a guy at work out of my head.
I was told that the other staff members think i'm on a power
trip. like wtf. i've asked for a few simple things to be
done, when they don't do it, i will ask them to do it!
no wait .. not ask .. TELL. i don't think i'm being
unreasonable when i should expect that sort of stuff to be
done before they go and start playing games on the pc
waiting for a customer to walk through the damn door. ARGH.
God i'm so hurt.
One of the things that pisses me off the most, is that one
of the girls there is the one who is doing all the bitching.
Although i never really liked her, i tried my best, and
never once did i say anything bad about any of them. She's
such a backstabbing bitch. I really do hope she decides she
wants to move back to the old store. Take your lazy ass back
to that crappy store if that's what makes you happy.
I swear sometimes i wish we could say what we really think
without the implications. Guess if life was that easy it'd
be boring ...

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