Jade Collins
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2004-12-27 09:13:44 (UTC)

Oops didn't write ok three days crammed in one..

Dear Diary
Christmas Day - Bradley (my Brother) woke me up at 5:00am
to tell me Santa had come aww love him...i had two
sackfuls and a stockingful of pressies...I had £110
jewellery makeup slippers chocolate etc...i was in heaven.
Boxing Day - I was soooooooooooo bored. My dad wouldn't
even take us to hobbycraft...
Today - I gonna go spend aallllllll my money ..Just
kidding...no some of it..in fact it will prollybe a good
idea to make a list..

Lava Lamp
Hair Accessories
School Stuff

Im very excited i hope mums in a good condition ...she has
just had a hysterectomy..and is in alot of pain atm tho
she is getting better.

Write soon..